Our Services

From strategy to responsive web design, we’ve got you covered.

Vanover Marketing offers a range of marketing services and solutions to provide an integrated marketing approach. We also know that results matter. We work with you to determine specific measurable goals and ensure campaigns are tracked and optimized to continuously improve ROI.

At our core is innovative, results-driven marketing.


marketing strategy
 Marketing Strategy & Planning

We work with you to determine your business needs and future goals, then develop a comprehensive marketing strategy and road map to reach those targets.



Much more than just a name, a brand is a feeling. We know a brand must fit the soul of your business and we take great care in creating a unique brand strategy and identity to do just that.


website design development
  Website Design & Development

Whether your business needs a start-from-scratch design or just an update to an existing design, our team of web designers and developers are highly skilled at creating unique experiences for your target user. Our goal is to always empower our clients to be able to manage their website after completion, so each site is built complete with a content management system (CMS).


search marketing
  Search Marketing

Even the most appealing website designs aren’t worth a thing if they can’t be found. After performing a keyword analysis to determine which key terms are most valuable to your business, we can utilize SEO tactics and/or paid search (PPC) campaigns to ensure your website ranks high in search results and drives traffic that converts.


social media marketing
  Social Media Marketing

Social truly is the new word of mouth. Being a brand involved in social media is more than just pushing out messages, it’s about interacting with your biggest fans and making right what maybe some customers had go wrong. If a brand can truly embrace social and make it about the customer and not themselves, they can influence buyer behavior and beliefs.


email marketing
  Email Marketing

Email is not dead. Email marketing has actually proven to be one of the most effective ways to communicate with a customer or prospect if you use it the right way. The truth is, users aren’t stupid, they know a “blast” email when they see one. At Vanover Marketing, we can develop the right strategy and design to make your campaign a success.


content development
  Content Development

You hear it all the time – “Content is King” and it’s true. But, constantly keeping up with your website content, blog, and social can be overwhelming. Don’t stress, we work with you to put together a content calendar that works for you and keeps your website and/or social up-to-date, search-friendly, and interesting.


marketing analytics
  Measurement & Analytics

We can admit it, we are data geeks! Let’s be honest, if we prove our campaigns work, then that looks good on us, right? So, we are constantly diving into the analytics and tracking of our campaigns to see how we can improve and optimize in order to gain a larger return on investment. And, of course, you get these reports too.


marketing training education
  Training & Education
At Vanover Marketing, we absolutely want to empower our clients to manage their own digital marketing. We do this through step-by-step training and sharing of important guides or resources. From social media best practices to Google Analytics training, we’re happy to help!